Welcome to NY Dobermans

NY DOBERMANS have been carefully chosen from the finest European lines to have the best health and temperament you can have in a doberman. Our puppies and dogs are family raised. We spend countless hours preparing your puppy for their new home. They are familiarized with many different surfaces and sounds in addition to different people and dogs before leaving our home so they can have the easiest transition into yours. 

I was lucky enough to grow up with dobermans since I was a child. When I was about 5 years old our home had gotten broken into. Right after that my parents purcahsed two dobermans. When I turned 16 years old I purchased my own doberman and began training. I feel in love with the breed even more at that point and I have been breeding now for over 10 years, there is just no breed like a Doberman Pinscher. As wonderful as they are, a doberman is not for everyone. They are breed that needs the proper training form the time they are a puppy. Mental stimualtion is very important for a doberman. If you do not work with them enough as puppies they will become distructive and will not be enjoyable to you at all. If you can not commit to structured training and it sounds anoying to have a dog want to follow you all over the house, a doberman is not for you. If you can however dedicate the proper time to training however - you will have an amazing companion for years to come. 
Temperament is so important in a breed like this. I feel owning a breed like a doberman comes with responsibility to properly train and socilize your puppy but much of temperament has to do with breeding. I am very proud to say that in over 10 years of choosing dogs to breed we have sucessfully produced not only excellent family pets but many of our dogs have excelled in personal protection, obedience, agility and even therapy dog work. Our dogs are all family raised, not kennel dogs to ensure they have the proper temperament I want to carry on for the NY Doberman name. We raise only one litter at a time to ensure the proper care is going into your puppy before they leave our home. 
 Unfortunately Dobermans can be prone to many different type of health issues: cardiac problems, hypothyroidism, VWD, wobbler syndrome and hip and elbow dysplasia are just a few of the most common problems in the breed. Please check out the "Our Dobermans" page of our website to see the health testing we have completed before breeding our dogs. I feel it is so important when you are looking into finding another member of your family you do your best to find someone who is breeding to make sure these health issues are not a problem in their lines. No breeder can tell you there is no chance of a puppy ever having one of these horrible problems but we do everything we can to ensure the families who take our puppies into their home have a piece of mind their family member will be with them to years to come. Remember, these are our pets as well, health is very important to us.

I searched for years to find the perfect doberman to breed. To me the European Doberman has the most attractive body structure,coloring and a good solid temperament. All of our dogs live in the home with us and are family pets before anything else. It is important when you make a decision to bring in another member of your family, that you find a breeder that is going to be there to help you through your dogs different stages of life. You should be able to go to any breeders home and interact with the dogs with no issues and not look at them behind cages. So far we have succeed in making many families happy for the past 10 years with dobermans than can do it al!!!! The families that purchase dobermans from us keep in touch with us on a regular basis and send us pictures and updates on our Facebook page all the time. We always invite you to come meet all of our family yourself. 

Meghan Schwartz