Dog boarding/Daycare

NY Dobermans Dog boarding/daycare


The dog boarding/ daycare I do is much smaller scale than your average boarding kennel. This is the perfect environment if you want your dog to be exercised and have one on one attention but not worry about a bunch of different dogs that might not mesh well with your dogs temperament or people you have never met handling your dog.

I am experienced with both small and large dogs. I own my home and have a large fenced yard with a 6 foot privacy fence where the dogs can get plenty of exercise. I work from home so I can keep your dog entertained all day long. Because I am home so often young puppies are not a problem. I also have the ability to separate dogs if they are not dog friendly. I can also make a quiet area for a dog that might not want to play as much as some of the others. I have plenty of experience working with older dogs as well as giving medication.

You can travel light, all I need for your dogs stay is their food and recent shot records.

For more info or to schedule a meeting before you plan to trip call or text:
845 590- 8117