Upcoming Litters

We have puppies that were just born from this amazing combination 10/28/19. For more information on this breeding or to fill out an application for a puppy please call or email. 

Vom Haus NY Dobermans Vala X Ferro Vom Bergkonig

Vom Haus NY Dobermans Vala - CGC, CGCA, RN, CA, BCAT, TKN, TKI, TKA, CL1-S, CL1-R,  CL1-F, CL1-H, CL1, CL2-R, CL2-S, CL2-F, CL2-H, CL2, CL3-R, CL3-F, CL3-S, CL3-H, CL3, BN. Vala is also a certified therapy dog with TDI and has qualified for 2020 CPE agility nationals.
VWD: Carrier, DCM DNA1: 1 copy, DCM DNA 2 : 0 copies  , Echo: Normal , Holter: Normal , Kidneys: Normal, Thyroid: Normal, Liver: Normal, OFA Hip: Excellent, OFA Elbows: Normal 


Ferro Vom Bergkonig - VWD: Carrier , DM: Clear, DCM DNA: 0 copies, OFA Eyes: Normal, OFA Thyroid: Normal, OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal , Holter: Normal (2019) , OFA Echo: Normal (2019) , Kidney/liver: Normal , Full dentition, Titles: BH, AD, IPO 1-3, FH1. Only Doberman in the history of the USA to win Nationals twice!!


Please check the available puppies page to see what puppies might be ready for new homes now. You can also see the bottom of the page to see our dobermans that were featured in the Animal Planet "Too Cute" Series.



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