I would recommend NEW YORK DOBERMANS to anyone considering this breed. We found Meghan to be extremely honest and helpful, and the quality of the dog was very evident to both our family and our vet! The minute our vet saw Jett he told us he could tell that Jett came from a very good line. His shining coat, muscle build, good health, and good temperment made the trip from Wisconsin well worth it! Jett fit right in with our family which includes a small dog , a cat, and children. If anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. I will email pictures once we finish with his ear cropping.

Mark and Susan Yokosh

We would highly recommend NY Dobermans for anyone looking to purchase a great family pet. Meghan was incredible to work with, she was very knowledgable and could answer any question that we had about her pups. Our puppy was worth every one of the 800 miles that we traveled to have him. He has a fabulous temperment, plays with our 9 year old son like a "gentle Giant", awesome coloring and just a great personality as well. It is so great to know that there is someone like Meghan that takes pride in breeding Dobermans! Thank you so much and we would highly recommend you to anyone!

The Zimmermans - Lititz, PA

In the late 80’s I got my first dobe pup from some guy in the Bronx, I guess you can say he was an “apartment breeder”. He possessed all the qualities of a great Doberman but came with a lot of health issues and premature death. After taking a 5 year break, I went for an “oversized” Doberman. As a pup he started off well but as he matured, I could see that something was missing. He showed no natural protective skills, had a very short attention span when it came toward training or playing games and most of all he was slow. Basically something was off in the gene pool. I’m a bit wiser now and did my research when it came to finding a reputable breeder in my area of NYC. After contacting three breeders, Meghan and her NY Dobermans gave me a sense of confidence that I didn’t detect from the other two. NY Dobermans practices Responsible Breeding and I now practice Responsible Ownership. Sonja, my 3 m/o Female black and tan pup was tested by a CT. vet and cleared of known ailments that are prone to dobes. The first words out of my local vets mouth in Brooklyn was “Where did you get her?” then he spent a least a minute just looking at her and commented on how beautiful she was. In closing, I’ve seen a lot of dogs in the city being passed off as Dobermans and as long as they are out there, I’m sticking with the euro pups of NY Dobermans. I’ll write an update on Aug/2011 when Sonja’s a year old.

Ernie Desir


A doberman has always been the ultimate dog to have, their look is just so regal. So after years of raising kids, stray cats and an abused puppy, it was finally time for me to have a doberman. I did lots of research on the breed and their training, then I came across NY Dobermans. The day I met Czar (Zara's father) I knew I must have one of his pups. And so Zara became a part of our family. Our vet was very impressed with her expressing that she was one of the finest specimens of a doberman that he had seen. In spite of all my "doberman training" research, we owe all of her training success to Meghan, even after two years, Meghan came to our house to give us a brush up course. As a breeder, Meghan is totally committed to the health and well being of her dogs. As a trainer she is always there to answer questions and give advise. Thank you Meghan for providing me with the ultimate dog.

Our experience with NY Dobermans has been an educated and fulfilling experience. We first contacted Meghan 2008. Meghan invited us to her place and we were able to interact with her dogs and see our dogs parents. We developed a great relationship with Meghan. She gave us incredible knowledge about the breed. Our puppy was born Dec,2010, Meghan would constantly keep us updated the whole time,she would send us pictures of the litter,she even picked a male that she thought would be perfect for us. When we went up to view the litter sure enough there he was. Kazmir has been an incredible dog. He is 14 months old and weights 95lbs. Our vet tells us he is a perfect specimen. His temperament is so sweet and loving. We have a 2 yr old grandson, it was very important to find a Doberman with a great personality. Meghan takes great pride in her European Doberman line,She is very passionate about the breed and a very responsible breeder.Her knowledge is vast and is always willing to answer questions you may have. Meghan does not just sell you a Doberman and forget about you. Kazmir is a loving, loyal family member. Everywhere we go people love him. He goes to a nursing home where he is in great demand. This has been our first time owning a dog and Meghan has truly made the experience a GREAT one! Anyone thinking about purchasing a Doberman should absolutely contact NY Dobermans.

Sincerely, The Bishop's


If you are looking for a beautiful doberman you have found the right person. Meghan made us feel like I was dealing with my best friend she was awesome, caring, extremely honest and helpful. Meghan made our experience memorable and very enjoyable. We got to spend time with the parents of our puppy which was great. I loved she sent pictures of the puppies when they were born and constantly sent pictures with updates on the puppies. If I had any questions Meghan was right there to answer anything and still is after we brought our puppy home. Our puppy is so beautiful, so sweet and has the best temperament, she fits into our family perfectly, my two girls adore here and she adores them back, we also have another dog and a cat and she has no problems at all with them. I would definitely recommend NY Dobermans

Thank you Susan Krocian


Working with Meghan at NYDOBERMANS was a pleasure. Meghan is very friendly and down to earth. When we first expressed our interest she encouraged us to meet her dogs. We brought our children and were very impressed with both Meghan and the dogs. Our boys played with Zasha, Czar, and Anya for 30 minutes and had a great time! Once we decided to go with NYDOBERMANS, Meghan kept us updated throughout the whole process. She was always available for any questions we had. She also sent us pictures of the litter every week which we looked forward to seeing. Now we have our Kona and he fits right in with our family. He is very sweet and we love him! The Setaro Family - Farmington, CT Having called over 30 breeders and actually visiting 9 of them within 6 states our search ended at NY Dobermans. I can remember the first time we met Czar, Anya, and Zasha. They came running from the back yard towards us as we froze. They kept running past us, picked up their toys and greeted us very happily. Meghan was a wealth of information and answered all our questions with courtesy and confidence well beyond her years. Her dogs were well behaved, stunning to look at, but most of all eager to make friends. We made our decision to purchase one of her pups from the upcoming first litter of Czar and Zasha. She has been available day or night to answer any questions we had and made our transition from previous Lab owners to Dobermans an extremely satisfying one. Zulu is now approaching 16 months and we could not have asked for a better dog. He is smart as a whip and just beautiful to look at. Everywhere we go we get positive comments or questions as to who the breeder was. Thank you for taking the time and love to breed such a beautiful and well tempered animal. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for the very best quality of a family oriented Doberman.

The Crable's


This is the place for anyone looking for a breeder who really cares about the breed and only wants the best for them. Meghan made the process a complete joy, from the beginning of deciding if we wanted to go with her and during the whole birthing process. She provided us with weekly updates to how the mother was doing and how far along she was with the baby pups. Once, the pups were born she gave us pictures of the newborns and set up a date so we could come up and meet the parents. It was a great joy seeing how they would turn out fully grown and we were allowed to interact with them. The choosing of the pup was also great, since she allowed my wife and I to play with all of them and really get to know them at our own pace. All questions we had about the breed and what to expect she would provide the answer and if she didn't know the answer she would give us someone who could. Our puppy is very healthy with a great personality and temperament, that everyone loves when they meet him. If we ever decide to expand our doberman family she will be the first we would call.

Tom & Shelia Quinn Saratoga Springs,NY


I honestly don’t know where to start from, when I first contacted Meghan she was so nice and patient about all the questions I had about Dobermans. Unfortunately she didn’t have any dobes available at the time but she said she was able to get me a Doberman from Europe which I was instantly excited about, but nervous over the fact that I won’t be able to actually see the pup I’m getting. But Meghan sent me all the information on the pup’s parents and on him. She kept contact with me literally every day for two weeks which made me feel a lot more comfortable with my decision. Bottom line she is very trustworthy in what she says and also cares about the puppies after her sale because I still touch base with her and she gives me advise on training and any other questions….highly recommend NYDOBERMAN

Henry Nekhanevich – Staten Island, NY


Our NYDOBERMANS experience started after we had to put our 11 year old American Doberman down after he was diagnosed with wobblers disease. After spending hours online researching, we concluded that the European Doberman was the best fit for us. With that decision made, I started looking for a breeders in the Northeast. I contacted Meghan from NYDOBERMANS with a  few questions which she answered thoroughly and was extremely knowledgeable . I believe we spoke for about an hour, the first time. At this point I was just some guy calling and asking her questions about her dogs, and she talked to me and treated me as if i had been a friend for years. I spoke with my vet who i trusted to steer me in the right direction, in our selection of a new puppy, and she gave me a list of things to “ask the breeder”. I again contacted Meghan with my vets “ask the breeder” questions, which she answered and even offered to call my vet to speak with her to answer any other question she may have had. At this point i started exploring the NYDOBERMANS.COM website alot closer. It was soon very clear to me that Meghan has dedicated her life to providing the best European Dobermans that she possibly can.  After our decision was made and a deposit was placed, we would receive updates on mommas progress. After the puppies were born, we would receive weekly updates with pictures and occasionally a video. I have never had a breeder that has been this dedicated to the happiness of her clients and the quality of her dogs. Meghan has made every one of us feel like family. WHEN you decide to join our family, I promise you, you  will want to stay in contact with her and update her on how smart, well behaved, and well tempered your new puppy is and how fast he/she is  picking up on the training you’re providing them. My wife and i have already started saving for our next puppy from meghan. I encourage you to contact meghan, you too will see exactly what I’m talking about   

Brian Archambeault- Amherst, NY


We brought Lucy home from NY Dobermans in March of last year.  She is about 14 months old now.  From day 1, we knew we had made the right choice with Meghan's dogs.  We wanted a puppy that was raised in a home atmosphere with children so she would naturally behave well with our cats and the many little ones in our family.  Bingo.  Meghan kept us updated on a regular basis through Lexa's pregnancy and then after the puppies were born - even video's!  She understood our excitement over the puppies and was so supportive of that and also responsive of the million questions I shot her direction (having not had a puppy in about 15 years).  When Lucy came home we were shocked at her intelligence and agility, even at 8 weeks old!!  She learned sit in 3 attempts at a few weeks old.  That is all it has ever taken to teach her anything.  While extremely strong willed, she was the number one puppy in obedience classes (provided treats were present) and stunned the trainers and classmates.  And now that she's older people are amazed how well behaved she is.  In the park, strangers will stop just to watch her run.  When she's playing fetch, she gathers a crowd because she's such a beauty to watch in action.  She has been wonderful with the cats, with infants, children, even with non socialized and aggressive dogs.  At family parties people always mention that it's amazing, her personality is so much like a little human.  Lucy will be getting her canine-good-citizen soon so that she can go into nursing homes and we can't wait.

To this day, we are continually impressed by Meghan and how much she cares, and the extended family of dobie and dobie loving families that she has built.  We all communicate on almost a daily basis and it is really wonderful to be able to see the other dogs with their people.  Since, we have formed a dobie meetup group and we have a few very proud NY Dobermans as well!  They are just gorgeous and so well behaved, we did not expect to get stuck on the breed but we will probably be Euro-dobie owners for the rest of our lives.
Thank you Meghan for our amazing, wonderful, furry family member!!!!
Christine Longcore